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Ms. Horowitz Excels at What She Does

Christy Horowitz represented me and my immediate family in juvenile court during a difficult period in my life. Young people make mistakes. At 17, extraneous life circumstances led me to make a series of poor decisions, the consequences of which I didn’t realize until it was too late. At a young age, it was terrifying to hear that I was facing prosecution, a criminal record, and even potential jail time. Luckily, all of this was remedied thanks to Christy Horowitz. Over the course of my case, Christy again and again demonstrated the ability to navigate complex situations with ease. Never once did a question I had go unanswered, never once was I left in the dark as to the state of my case. Initially, the consequences of my crime were staggering, to the point where I felt I would never have a true career. I was to have a misdemeanor, a blemish on my record that was never to go away. However, by the end of the process, my misdemeanor was expunged, my records were sealed, and my future was saved. If attention to detail, expertise, and a real sense of being cared for is what you need, I wholeheartedly recommend Christy Horowitz.