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Will I have to go to trial?

No. Most cases settle prior to trial, because trial is, in a sense, a nuclear option. However, in order to get the best resolution for your case, you need to prepare your case as though you will be going to trial, and you need to have an attorney who knows how to win cases in front of a jury.

Martial arts experts practice for thousands of hours in the gym with the hope of never having to use their skills in a real fight. By their reputation alone, they can back an opponent down without ever throwing a punch. Trial works the same way. If you want to get the best deal before trial, you need your opponent (the prosecutor) to understand that if the case goes to trial, they can lose and get nothing.

Many defense attorneys rarely or never go to trial. And while each of them may have a competent strategy for getting good settlements for their clients, there is no substitute for an attorney that goes to trial regularly and has experience winning tough cases in front of a juries.