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Do you offer Payment Plans?

Do you offer Payment Plans?

Yes. All fee agreements are negotiated on an individual level with each client. Depending on the the client’s financial situation and case, both the fee and the payment structure are flexible.

Will I have to go to trial?

No. Most cases settle prior to trial, because trial is, in a sense, a nuclear option. However, in order to get the best resolution for your case, you need to prepare your case as though you will be going to trial, and you need to have an attorney who knows how to win cases in

Can you appear at a court date on my behalf?

Yes, for misdemeanors. When you hire an attorney, one of the major benefits is their ability to make appearances on your behalf so you don’t have to travel, miss work, or miss school. I will happily appear on your behalf to engage in the sort of negotiations that do not necessarily require personal presence, and

Can you appear on my behalf at trial?

Yes, but it’s a bad idea. Although an attorney may appear on behalf of a client at their misdemeanor trial, this is usually a bad strategy for a few reasons. If jury members are being forced to take time away from their lives to attend a trial, they usually will not appreciate a defendant not

What penalties am I facing for …?

The law defines certain maximum penalties depending on the class of offense, aggravating factors, and whether the person has prior convictions. However, just because there is a potential maximum penalty, that doesn’t mean that the maximum is likely or even realistically possible. For misdemeanors that aren’t sex offenses, DUIs, and domestic offenses, most maximum penalties