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Once opponents, now partners
Once opponents in the courtroom, now partners dedicated to your defense

South Coast Criminal Defense & DUI Defense Lawyers

As a native Santa Barbaran, Hogan Ganschow got his start practicing law with the Santa Barbara Public Defender's Office in 2008, before moving to the Ventura Public Defender's Office in 2015. A graduate of UC Berkeley and Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, Mr. Ganschow started his own practice in 2018 and joined forces with Christy Horowitz to form the legal partnership of Ganschow & Horowitz in 2019. A lawyer and activist, Mr. Ganschow believes deeply in fighting for marginalized groups and giving a voice to the underdog. Read more about Hogan Ganschow.

Christy Horowitz has been active in the legal community of Santa Barbara for over 20 years, starting her career in the Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office as a volunteer, certified intern and law clerk for the prosecution on the criminal case of the People vs. Michael J. Jackson. After graduating from the University of Alabama and Santa Barbara College of Law she served as a Deputy District Attorney for the county of Santa Barbara. She opened her criminal law practice in 2015 and teamed up with her previous courtroom opponent Mr. Ganschow in 2019 to form Ganschow & Horowitz. Ms. Horowitz is dedicated to service and professionalism and has a reputation for compassion and determination." Read more about Chris Horowitz.
Once opponents, now partners
Once opponents, now partners

Criminal Defense

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Why Choose Us

Litigation Experience Matters

Whether you want to win your case in front of a jury or you just want the best possible chance for a dismissal or a deal that will help you move on with your life, having a legal team that isn’t afraid to go to trial is the most important factor in whether you get treated fairly by the opposing attorney and judge. Even if you don’t want your case to go to trial, you want the other side to know your attorneys will make them work for a conviction.

If you’re going up against the resources of the state, you need a criminal defense strategy that isn’t one-size-fits-all. Ganschow & Horowitz will outline and deliver to you a strategy that makes sense given your goals and needs and will make sure you are promptly informed of any new developments in the case, including settlement offers and evidentiary rulings.

Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense services lead off with DUI Defense, Drug Defense, and Domestic Violence and include many other areas as well.

  • DUI drug / DUI Marijuana defense
  • Drug possession / Drug Sales defense
  • Domestic violence defense
  • Property crimes - theft, vandalism, auto theft
  • Serious and Violent crimes - assault/battery, robbery, burglary, felony assault
  • Expungements
  • Clear your arrest record
  • Motions for factual innocence
  • Appeals
Civil and Family

We network and coordinate with other local attorneys in various practice areas. If you need to find the right attorney for your unique issue, and you don’t know whom to call, try us first and if we can’t help you, we’ll put you in touch with someone who can.

  • Personal injury
  • Family law
  • Child custody legal assistance
  • Trademark registration
  • Small business legal assistance
  • Get a restraining order


Do you offer Payment Plans?

Yes. All fee agreements are negotiated on an individual level with each client. Depending on the the client’s financial situation and case, both the fee and the payment structure are flexible.

Will I have to go to trial?

No. Most cases settle prior to trial, because trial is, in a sense, a nuclear option. However, in order to get the best resolution for your case, you need to prepare your case as though you will be going to trial, and you need to have an attorney who knows how to win cases in front of a jury.Martial arts experts practice for thousands of hours in the gym with the hope of never having to use their skills in a real fight. By their reputation alone, they can back an opponent down without ever throwing a punch. Trial works the same way. If you want to get the best deal before trial, you need your opponent (the prosecutor) to understand that if the case goes to trial, they can lose and get nothing.Many defense attorneys rarely or never go to trial. And while each of them may have a competent strategy for getting good settlements for their clients, there is no substitute for an attorney that goes to trial regularly and has experience winning tough cases in front of a juries.

Can you appear at a court date on my behalf?

Yes, for misdemeanors. When you hire an attorney, one of the major benefits is their ability to make appearances on your behalf so you don’t have to travel, miss work, or miss school.I will happily appear on your behalf to engage in the sort of negotiations that do not necessarily require personal presence, and I will report back any new developments on your case.Depending on the stage of the case, I may ask you to have a phone handy in case some issue comes up that I need to discuss with you before proceeding.Conversely, felony cases require the defendant’s personal presence and an attorney may not appear on behalf of their client except in rare circumstances.


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